Ace is an ex-felon from the rough parts of Cleveland, he was incarcerated due to drug trafficking. Living with his older brother in his deceased mother’s home, Ace is a hustler through and through. Reaching his thirties made him decide to go for financial freedom no matter what.

Ace is driven by his belief that it will somehow all work out. It always does. He is possessed by competition and the thrill of battle from cards to fights, and he is prepared to do whatever it takes to win. He loves the hustle and the grind!

Ace dislikes owing someone. He doesn’t want to feel like someone has control over him.
Being limited in his abilities because of former choices, Ace sees money as a way above all the nonsense surrounding him. Therefore he falls into a state of self-doubt and loses belief in himself. But he keeps on going until the end no matter what since he has no choice. Ace is willing to do anything it takes. By any means.

Maloney is a member of the influential Caponey mafia family in Cleveland. An undercover lover of Black Culture he found himself involved with a Black girl and caused a rift in his family. Now he is a man on his own. He would also be considered like his daughter the black sheep of the family.

Caponey’s conflict with the family developed a sense of competition in him since it would allow him to further the name of his own clan and not the Caponey. He wants to sustain his wealth and prove to his family that he didn’t need them. He was able to stand on his own two feet and create his empire. Maloney comes from a family of killers. It’s in his blood

He dislikes anything that goes against the old-school way of doing things. Thinking that it’s him against the world. However, he is losing awareness of the quality resources around him. He believes that using influence and power helps to gain respect and honor. By any means necessary.




Chanel is the love child of Maloney Caponey and a young romance. She is the proverbial black sheep of a powerful mafia family. Chanel is pregnant and she is willing to risk it all for the love of Ace. Chanel believes she can love Ace in spite of his trauma-layered past.

Chanel is in her thirties and she wants a family. However, having a financially protected childhood in Shaker Heights of Cleveland, Ohio, she is driven by the spirit of adventure and she wants to go against the system.

She doesn’t like capitalism and wants there to be more parity in our society. At the same time she likes old timey things and is feeling very nostalgic. Hope is driving her.

A former Fight City champion. He gained his riches from past tournaments. A local legend. The only three-time winner.  Reggie is an influential ex-boxer millionaire sponsor of the underground fights in Fight City. He despises any form of weakness or non-belief since he thinks that’s like cancer and can kill you. He likes the come-up. The process. He loves the hustle!

Reggie is driven to uplift those around him. He is all about the community. Reggie will do a lot but nothing that will land him in a situation that compromises his integrity.

Fuck the police but he stands on his moral scruples. He wants to run for the city council of his ward and help invoke change by building relationships with an upcoming mayoral candidate. But Reggie is too trusting and does not recognize when he is being manipulated.




The son of Maloney Caponey and heir to the throne.  He is smart, spoiled, and entitled. He wants to restore the family’s name and take the Caponey family’s place back at the seat of the table with other influential families. 

He likes fancy things and enjoys the finer ways of life. He brags about his perceived status and he is driven by society’s demand for popularity, fame, and validation of high society. However, hasty nature tends to lead to missteps and that causes failures. His constant mistakes never end because his goals are vain in nature.

Hiram has no friends in these streets because he is above these streets. When dealing with street life he is willing to kill by any means due to the nature of his goals. He dislikes humility and playing it safe.

Javier was a local NYC fighter that Ace used to connect with when he made drug runs to NYC in the past. But in the present Javier has a happy family life with his fiance but he is still drawn to the thrill of fighting. Following his principles, honor is important for him. He dislikes anything that compromises his integrity.

Javier wants others to consider him as the top fighter in NYC. The recognition from his peers would mean the world to him. Javier is driven by his ambitions and desire to make a name for himself that will echo into eternity.

Javier is limited in his physical prowess since asthma makes it really difficult for him to show the results. Most of the fighters are more physically imposing than Javier but he doesn’t want to give up and quit the game. A true warrior lays it all down in battle.